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Design & Build is a service that helps you design and implement your new AWS solution following best practices for service implementation on AWS.

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Design & Build

How Can You Benefit From Design & Build Service?

By choosing our Design & Build Service, you benefit from a tailored AWS solution designed to meet your business needs with minimal investment.

Tailored Solution

Design custom AWS solution that address your business needs and goals, ensuring maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

Flexible Engagement

Choose between a full-service implementation or a collaborative approach in which your team implements the design with our supervision.

Expert Guidance

AWS-certified professionals will ensure your solution is designed and implemented following industry best practices.

Comprehensive Support

We support clients throughout the entire process, from the initial design phase to final implementation.

Time Savings

Save time by leveraging our team, which will design and implement your AWS solution efficiently.

Risk Mitigation

Minimize risks associated with AWS deployment by relying on experienced architects and engineers.

What Activities Does Design & Build Service Include?



In the Design phase, we focus on creating a custom AWS solution tailored to your specific business needs and goals. Our team of experts will work closely with you to understand your requirements and design an efficient and effective solution.



In the Build phase, we implement the designed AWS solution. This phase can be carried out entirely by our team or collaboratively, where your team handles the implementation with our expert supervision to ensure best practices are followed.

Why Should You Work With Us?

We are a team of IT experts focused on providing high-end IT services based on cloud technology. With the right amount of knowledge, experience, and quality, we continually deliver successful IT projects.

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

AWS Advanced Consulting Partner

Heptabit is one of the four largest AWS partners in the CEE region. As a client, you receive the service according to rigorous AWS quality standards.



Our infrastructure and operations teams are composed of people with vast experience across many different industries and technologies.

Knowledge and Expertise

Knowledge and Expertise

Our certified AWS and VMware experts are here to deliver IT solutions based on the industry’s best practices.

Technology Partner

Technology Partner

We act as your technology partner, helping you solve real business problems and deliver concrete benefits.

High Quality

High Quality

Our services are compliant with industry-leading IT management and cloud/information security ISO standards.

Design & Build your new solution on AWS for free* or at a major discount

* The only condition for this offer is that the workload goes into production right after the implementation; for POCs we have other offers

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