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Why Your Company Needs a Backup?

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Why Your Company Needs a Backup?

Why Your Company Needs a Backup?
date_range - 3 years ago

In the days before computers and the Internet, if a company had data that was essential to its ability to function, that data was paper-based and stored in a fireproof safe or copies would be stored at a separate location.

Today, we never see the actual physical copies of our business data; that's why we can sometimes forget that this data needs protection just as much. The following article describes four of the main reasons why companies need to back up their data regularly.

Data and Information Have Value

It can be challenging to quantify the value of individual data or items of information, but combined, their value is very significant. That data can range from the results of scientific experiments, architects' CAD drawings, customer records, advance purchase orders, survey results to prototype designs. Each in their own way have a value to an individual company, and the loss or breach of such data can have a catastrophic result.

When Sony suffered from a first major data breach, data from tens of millions of PlayStation Network users was stolen. When the company tried to claim against its insurers, the claim was denied. New York High Court ruled that a third-party action could not trigger the insurance cover, i.e., a hacker. As a result of this, today, we have cyber insurance policies that specialize in coverage of data breach losses.

In the meantime, greater care has to be taken to protect the company's' data and information; one of the best ways to do so is to back the company's data to the cloud.

Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are on the rise. Cybercriminals are continually working on more-sophisticated forms of attacks; they are creating mass attacks targeting many hundreds of companies. The level of disruption created by these attacks is enormous. If major enterprises are vulnerable to this form of attack, then the chances are that your own business is susceptible as well.

One of the most effective ways of avoiding the chaos caused by a ransomware attack is having all your data backed up daily and stored independently from your operating system, ideally in the cloud. That way, all of your data is secure and instantly accessible. After taking appropriate measures to quarantine and remove any infection in your operating system, the data can be downloaded and used again in a seamless manner.

Natural Disasters

Even though we have a modern technology that helps us predict weather and prepare for major storms, the number of weather-related natural disasters is increasing.

While Southern America and the Caribbean have known for hugely destructive hurricanes, Southern Europe has suffered from an increase in wildfires, and several floods have hit the UK after the excessive rainfall. Earthquakes, like the one recently in Croatia's main capital Zagreb, are also very notorious. They are almost impossible to predict and can cause fires in data centers.

In all these instances, businesses can be physically destroyed together with all of their data. By some research, 40% of all companies hit by a natural disaster fail to start again, 25% will fail within a year, and a frightening 90% of all businesses fail within two years of suffering a catastrophic loss. One of the principal reasons for this is the ability of a company to continue functioning with no existing records. Data backup is crucial for business continuity; in the zones known for the tectonic activity, it is also good to back-up your data in another tectonic zone.

Peace of Mind

By some reports, 60% of small businesses fail to back up their data on a daily or regular basis. Data loss can cause a significant disruption in day to day business activities and continuity. Daily or weekly backup procedures of your data into secure cloud storage can help your company mitigate the risks of losing their data.


Companies are often not aware of the risks of losing their data. Data loss can cause a notable disruption in companies' ability to operate. There a lot of things that go wrong, such as ransomware attacks or natural disasters. Your company's data is very valuable. It's essential to differentiate critical data that your business needs to operate, and the data that is not so relevant and would not cause a significant problem for your business. Assessing the value of your data can help you see how valuable your data is, which data can be easily replaced, and which data needs to be protected with a proper backup and recovery solution.

Sedmi odjel is a Veeam Gold Service Provider, and Silver Reseller specialized for backup and recovery solutions based on Veeam technology.

As a company with a lot of experience in various industries, we understand the risks and threats that companies face handling their sensitive data.

With the help of various Veeam tools, we can prevent data loss and ensure the safety of your critical data.

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