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Sedmi odjel's Trio on the Importance of Knowledge and AWS Certification

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Sedmi odjel's Trio on the Importance of Knowledge and AWS Certification

Sedmi odjel's Trio on the Importance of Knowledge and AWS Certification
date_range - 10 months ago

Cloud computing is the backbone of many digital transformations. As its landscape keeps evolving, so does the importance of understanding it. We sat down with Sedmi odjel Solution Architects Viktor Pavković and Tomislav Herceg, and Davor Lukić, Business Development Manager of Sedmi odjel, to discuss their recent AWS certifications and the broader perspective on education in IT.

Interviewer: Thanks for joining us today. Let's start with the basics: Why, in your view, is continuous education so essential in the IT field?

Viktor Pavković: The IT world isn't static; it's constantly evolving. If we don't commit to learning, we're not just staying in one place but actively falling behind. For us at Sedmi odjel, keeping up means ensuring we can always provide the best services to our customers.

Tomislav Herceg: For me, learning keeps the job exciting. Constantly learning about new concepts, tools, and techniques brings a fresh perspective and restores passion for the job itself.

Davor Lukić, Viktor Pavković

Interviewer: Sedmi odjel recently launched 7o Academy. It is the only center in Croatia that conducts AWS (Amazon Web Services) training. With the launch of the 7o Academy, how do you see its role in shaping the future of IT education?

Davor Lukić: The 7o Academy, in my opinion, fills a crucial gap. There's a difference between learning from general resources and getting insights directly from a specialized source like our trainers. 7o Academy offers a hands-on approach, taking participants from foundational knowledge to advanced concepts. Given its alignment with AWS, I believe it's setting a benchmark for IT education.

Tomislav Herceg: To build on that, having participated in the 7o Academy myself, I found that courses emphasize real-world applicability. It's not about passing ex ams; it's about training professionals to handle real-world scenarios effectively, which is shown to be extremely valuable.

Tomislav Herceg

Interviewer: All three of you recently acquired AWS certifications. What did the preparation look like?

Davor Lukić: Preparing for the 'Solution Architect - Associate' was a mix of various online resources, hands-on labs, and endless discussions. The 7o Academy provided a structured approach, but it also highlighted just how vast AWS's ecosystem is. It was challenging but rewarding.

Tomislav Herceg: For the 'Solution Architect - Professional,' Viktor and I had to think beyond just functionalities. We needed to understand the broader implications, from costs to performance and security. It was quite an immersive experience.

Davor Lukić

Interviewer: Why was getting this certification essential for you personally and Sedmi odjel?

Viktor Pavković: As a solution architect, I work with AWS technologies daily, and this certificate helps me confirm my practical hands-on knowledge. Also, it acts as a confidence booster.
When discussing projects or advising on strategies, I know my suggestions are rooted in a deep practical and theoretical understanding of AWS. It also opens doors to more complex, challenging projects, which is always exciting.

Davor Lukić: For me, as a non-technical person, learning to acquire a 'Solution Architect - Associate' certificate helped me gain a holistic view of AWS services. Understanding both the business and technical sides allows for better strategy formulation, aligning technical capabilities with business objectives.

Tomislav Herceg: AWS dominates the cloud market, and we, as a partner, must be at the forefront. As Solution Architects, we all work with AWS tools daily and have a lot of hands-on experience. Certification is the confirmation of our practical knowledge.
Also, certification and participation in various service delivery programs are essential to position ourselves within AWS as a partner. Certification and service delivery programs are designed to confirm the partner's practical knowledge in a structured and organized manner defined by AWS. There are also benefits for clients; they can be sure that their services will be implemented following the best practices described by AWS.

Viktor Pavković

Interviewer: Looking ahead, how does Sedmi odjel intend to harness this knowledge?

Davor Lukić: We've always been customer-centric. By constantly learning and evolving, we can offer more tailored solutions. It's about understanding our client's needs and having the expertise to meet them.

Viktor Pavković: It's also about fostering a culture of learning. By encouraging certifications and continuous education, we're setting a standard for the entire team.

Davor Lukić, Viktor Pavković, TOmislav Herceg

Interviewer: As we conclude, I'd love to hear any final reflections or insights you might want to share. And Davor, especially from you, given you've recently joined Sedmi odjel, what has your experience been like?

Davor Lukić: Joining Sedmi odjel has been eye-opening. Often from the outside, companies can appear one-dimensional. The emphasis on education, best practices, the genuine passion for AWS, and the shared ambition to be known globally for our work with AWS is what motivates the whole team.

Viktor Pavković: From a long-timers perspective, what's unique about Sedmi odjel is its authentic commitment to learning and evolving. Education is not just a buzzword here; we foster a culture of genuine understanding of the technologies we use and apply in our projects. There is also a lot of internal knowledge sharing within the company.

Tomislav Herceg: We are working on many international projects, and it is exciting to experience firsthand how the technologies we implement affect millions of end users and what it means to build critical IT services companies rely on.

Interviewer: It sounds like a healthy balance of ambition and authentic dedication to the craft. Thank you all for sharing your experiences and insights into your world.

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