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Increase Your Company's IT Competencies with Cloud Migration

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Increase Your Company's IT Competencies with Cloud Migration

Increase Your Company's IT Competencies with Cloud Migration
date_range - 3 years ago

The problem of human resources and recruiting in the IT industry has been present for many years now.

It's not just that good employees are hard to find; it's also hard to motivate and keep good employees. Many specialized IT recruiting companies are helping companies find good employees, but keeping them still remains internal HR departments' responsibility.

In this article, we will talk about the problems that non-IT companies have with recruiting and keeping their IT staff. We will also talk about how cloud companies solve IT staff problems and add additional benefits to your business.

Education, Training, and Development

To have a capable team that is up to date with the newest technologies and best practices, companies need to invest in employee training and development. This practice ensures that your company's people will continuously develop their skills according to the industry's best standards. Working on challenging projects with qualified mentors is also a form of education and employee development.

Non-IT infrastructure companies do not have an appropriate level of understanding of their IT employees' educational needs. Teams are usually small, and the transfer of knowledge is typically questionable.

Cloud and infrastructure companies have appropriate certification and educational plans; employee education plan is usually defined as a part of the benefits package at the recruitment phase.

Management Changes

As a business grows, its procedure, strategies, and structure grow and develop with it. Some employees have a hard time coping with those changes; consequently, many companies experience decreased productivity and morale during periods of change.

The solution to this problem is to have regular meetings with the employees to eliminate any issues in the period of change.

IT and cloud companies have a strong focus on team development and collaboration, so regular staff meetings are the usual thing. At these meetings, any potential issues are communicated between team members, and there is no build-up of employee dissatisfaction that can lead to decreased productivity and morale.

Leadership Development

There is still no proper awareness of leadership development among companies. Leadership is one of the most critical parts of a company's success. Good leaders are here for their team members; they solve problems, motivate people, and deliver successful projects.

Good cloud companies detect employees with a leadership mentality and develop them to bring success to their teams and the work environment.

Leadership development and education can also be defined as a part of the employee benefits package.

Adapting to Innovation

The technology landscape is continually evolving and changing. Businesses must quickly adapt, or they risk being left behind by their competitors. One of the biggest challenges for non-IT companies is to motivate employees to embrace innovation and learn new technology.

IT companies are the places of constant change and development; change is a part of IT culture and does not represent a problem to employees. Through education and employee development, there is a constant stream of new knowledge into the company.

Compensation and Benefits

Many companies struggle with how best to structure employee compensation. Small businesses have to compete with businesses of a similar size and with corporations with big payroll budgets. There are also other benefits, such as education and certification, number of vacation days, work from home, bonuses, computer equipment, and other expenses.

Because of all these things, cloud companies strive to create the best work environment and the best compensation and benefits plans. They help them attract and maintain the best employees. These benefits are hard to match for companies outside of the IT sector, so the best employees usually end up in successful IT companies.

Employee Recruitment

Attracting talented employees involves the investment of time and money. Not-IT companies even struggle to assess the employee's knowledge and how it fits the actual workplace.

IT companies attract good employees more easily; they can attract people with good projects, good compensation plans, and a competitive work environment.

Employee Retention

Competition for talented employees is fierce. Employee turnover is expensive and can negatively impact business growth. That's why it's essential to have employee retention and development plans.

Cloud and IT infrastructure companies are aware of all these facts, so they put a lot of effort into retaining valuable employees.


In today's competitive work environment, it's hard to recruit and maintain good employees. There are many factors involved, but generally, it's essential to treat the employee with respect and develop their career, so both the employee and the company can thrive from this relationship.

For many small and medium companies, moving to the cloud and hiring a quality MSP is the right choice. Dedicated and focused MSP has much more experience and knowledge. Their team members are certified professionals working in companies where their career paths are thoughtfully understood and developed. Continued education and certification bring the level of competencies, knowledge, and best-practices uncomparable to your internal staff.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies build a fully automated, cost-effective, and performance-efficient AWS cloud environment based on their specific needs. We have highly motivated AWS, VMware, and Veeam certified professionals within our teams. With over ten years of experience in providing high-end IT services, we have the right team and the knowledge to fulfill the needs of even the most complex IT infrastructure projects.

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Our main focus is to expand our partnership with AWS. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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