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Improve Your IT Security by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

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Improve Your IT Security by Migrating to the AWS Cloud

Improve Your IT Security by Migrating to the AWS Cloud
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AWS cloud is built to run your business securely with a high level of control and confidence. AWS customers benefit from AWS data centers and a network architected to protect clients' information, identities, applications, and devices. Core security and compliance requirements can be easily satisfied with a comprehensive set of security services and features.

Powerful AWS automation features help you focus on your core business by automating repetitive manual security tasks.

AWS has been trusted by many security-sensitive organizations to run their top-secret workloads. It is the only cloud provider with such a high level and fine-grained security options.

Keeping Security Level at Scale

AWS offers complete control of your data location, access, and resources in use. Fine-grained access controls are combined with continuous monitoring; this enables your company to have near real-time security information about your sensitive data.

As your company's infrastructure scales up, it becomes harder to control the security across all systems. AWS's security automation and activity monitoring services help you detect suspicious security events as you scale up. You are always able to satisfy the security level across all systems.

Automation as a Crucial Part of Cloud Security

Automation of your manual security tasks is crucial for keeping security levels in the AWS cloud. Human configuration errors are eliminated, giving your team more time to focus on other work critical to your business. Infrastructure and application security checks can be automated to enforce security and compliance controls continually.

Highest Standards of Privacy and Data Security

AWS is known for its strong customer privacy and data security. A world-class team of security experts monitors AWS systems 24x7.

All data flowing over the AWS global network is encrypted at the physical layer. Various AWS tools help you easily encrypt your data in transit and at rest to ensure proper control. AWS encryption keys are managed by AWS Key Management System (KMS), while your encryption keys can be managed with CloudHSM using FIPS 140-2 Level 3 validated HSMs.

Strict data privacy laws and regulations are easily satisfied with AWS's superior control and visibility features designed to comply with regional and local laws and regulations.

Most Comprehensive Security and Compliance Controls

To simplify your organization's compliance requirement goals, AWS regularly performs third-party validation for thousands of global compliance requirements to help companies meet security and compliance standards for finance, retail, healthcare, government, and beyond.

By adopting the cloud, you can simply inherit the latest security controls operated by AWS, strengthening your compliance and certification programs.

AWS supports more security standards and compliance certifications than any other cloud provider, including PCI-DSS, HIPAA/HITECH, FedRAMP, GDPR, FIPS 140-2, and NIST 800-171. With AWS, you can satisfy compliance requirements for virtually every regulatory agency around the globe.

Security Mechanism

AWS is designed to help companies build secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure that help implement your organization's optimal security mechanism:

  • prevention - definition of user permissions and identities, infrastructure, and data protection;
  • detection - superior visibility into your organization's security condition with logging and monitoring services;
  • response - automated incident response and recovery procedures that help you shift the primary focus of security teams from response to root cause analysis;
  • reaction - event-driven automation helps your company quickly react and secure your AWS environment in near real-time.

Heptabit as a Security-aware Company

Heptabit, as a company, is very security-aware. Some of our clients use their infrastructure solutions to process sensitive financial and user information. As a company, we successfully finished many internal audits need from our clients to satisfy their compliance goals.

Our services have even been audit by an outside certification office - Bureau Veritas. Bureau Veritas confirmed that our services are delivered in accordance with leading industry cloud and information security standards, ISO 27001 and ISO2017. Quality, data security, and privacy are some of the most critical aspects of our services.


We offer a lot of flexibility to our clients that want to adopt cloud technology. With various models and platforms, we ensure that we adapt to our client needs and that we deliver the infrastructure solution that best fits their needs in the long run. Throughout the whole cloud migration project, we focus on our client's needs with a methodical user-center approach.

As AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we help companies of every industry and size solve their infrastructure problems with migration to the AWS cloud.

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Our main focus is to expand our partnership with AWS. Our cloud solution - "7o cloud" is built by implementing Veeam and VMware technologies, thus making these partnerships very important to us.

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